Error 500 in Struct - Multi-Purpose Joomla Responsive Virtuemart Template

Hi I just bought the virtuemart template Struct - Multi-Purpose Joomla Responsive Virtuemart Template
but when my programmer was to install it - it cant, It has a error 500 so can you guys send me a new link for download the template with no error in it?

Kind regards
Pia Brix


If you have problems with your purchased item, I strongly recommend you to contact the author for bugfix support. In this case to reach the author of Struct theme please access this url:

Have an wonderful day!

Hello sir, i sent you email in two minutes after you ask for support but no response from you.

Please send us your web link, cpanel to install struct quick install for free for you.
I think they dont install correctly.
Email address for support is

Cheers and thank you.


I am sorry I am off work so not on so much.

Thank you so much
the cpanel is

Username: raatoggodt
Password: uqngpe=&,)#A

I dont know what is wrong

Kind regards

Pia Brix

Hi Pia_Sorensen

Envato forum is not a place for support, You can’t send your data here.

Is better to delete your data cpanel and send email with your dats for login.

Is not safe to send your login in a public forum.

Also you need to change admin/pass


PS: you can use any email that you have and send me, not only from office. or PM here

I also need your web link, you can send on email or PM

Hi Pia_Sorensen
I just recieve your email with cpanel,
I just finish install Struct template without issues and no errors found.

Please check your email and links sent to see live.

Thank you so much.

best regards,
payo themes

Thank you so much for your help, your template works great - no errors

The template works great no errors in it :slight_smile:
Thank for your help

We are Thank you for becoming our friend. We are in payo’s family now. Have a great week… Cheers