Website Error 500

Hi there im not sure exactly where or who to conatct but im looking for support, as porto wants me to pay for a fix wwhich im hoping can be done for free. Recently with the new porto theme update only the home page has been infected with an error 500, all other pages work which to me is weird. Ive disabled porto functinalltiy in settings and then the page loads but once i enable it again the site breaks. Is there a fix for this , ive tried so much even a fresh isnatll.


Contact with your purchase item author @p-themes hope they will helped!


No one would offer a free fix for another author’s item as it’s a job more than helping.

What you can do, if you have the backup, you can restore the system and try to update the system one more time

If you’re looking for paid support, I can offer some as well at Studio