Envato's EU826409867 VAT number validation

The official EU vat number validator is here:http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatRequest.html and requires a two letter prefix other than “EU”. Entering “EU826409867” does not return a valid european VAT number. Is anyone aware of this issue?

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YEs. The same for me. My account advisor told me is not valid fot my accontings

I’ve noticed this problem. I think this issue needs a clear answer from the staff - validation number isn’t very useful if you can’t check it anywhere.

Yes, I was wondering that too. Does anyone knows?

Why it should? Envato is an Australian company not European Union based company…

Yes, it is. But when you, as an UE registered VAT buyer, purchase something on Videohive, the invoice appears with the EU826409867 VAT number.

“If you are an EU buyer with a valid VAT registration number, you must use the Reverse Charge Mechanism to account for the EU VAT on those transactions.”

They charge and remit VAT from European buyers.

Anyone got a solution to this? My accountant also said the invoice is useless with a vat number with EU prefix.

When I search in google for “vat number starting with” it automatically suggest “vat number starting with EU”. So there are a lot of searches for that thing.

Unfortunately, nothing relevant in the search results.

Here is the reply I got from them: (My accountant approves)

Hi Zhivko,

My name is Rob, thank you for taking the time to contact Envato Market Help.

Our VAT number is EU826409867. VAT numbers issued to international companies like Envato (Australia) with an EU prefix cannot be checked against the http://ec.europa.eu/ database. To verify the VAT number, you’ll need to contact the Tax Authority where our VAT Moss is located. Which is HMRC in the United Kingdom.

More information:

Robert B
Envato Market Help Team

The VAT number listed by Envato on their invoices is used to collect value added tax from EU resident buyer that do not provide a national valid VAT number for themselves. If you are a company, registered in EU, you will deffinitely have your valid XXnnnnnn VAT number, where XX is the country indicative. By providing this number you allow Envato to issue you an invoice with no VAT on it. Your accountant will know what to do - it will add your local country VAT tax, for statistical purposes.

So to make it short, Envato find a way to collect and pay VAT from private, individual authors, It was the UK HMRC bright idea to invent of an "EU"country VAT number that is used only to collect money from contributors.

Hope this helps.

The obvious problem is that this way all european businesses who use Envato cannot add any business purchase they make to their expenses. The EU prefix is not valid for obligatory VIES cross-checks and if you’re submitting the data to UK, then you should be giving out a GB VAT number for your clients. Otherwise they risk tax fines. It’s not responsible business, you know, to tell people to read what is valid in UK, when they come from other EU countries.

Hi, any solution here? Now it seems they moved towards Ireland from UK. How you managed to solve this problem? Thank you

Hello. I have the same problem and still no solution… does someone find it ?

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