EU VAT Registration query

I’m trying to enter an Envato invoice into Sage for my VAT return but am encountering the following problem:

  • The Envato EU VAT number is EU826409867
  • Sage will only recognise country specific VAT numbers - eg those starting GB / BE / AT etc
  • I queried this with Sage who told me that no EU prefix exists and that I’d have to check with HMRC as to which country they would like me to enter you under in order for the Reverse Charge to work properly.
  • I spoke to HMRC who said no EU prefix exists and that I’d have to check with you and find out which country you were actually registered in for VAT.

Please advise…

Hey there @HooliLtd

I’m going to reach out to the Envato tax team and see if I can get an answer for you. Stand by.

Hey @HooliLtd,

Envato is registered for EU VAT under the EU VAT MOSS. The registration is with HMRC. The EU prefix is provided to non-Union businesses registered under EU VAT MOSS". You can confirm these details here:

And this page confirms that that non-EU businesses have a VAT number with a EU prefix followed by 9 digits

Perfect - thanks - I’ll go back and talk to HMRC and Sage again! Many thanks for your help.

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