Envato Tuts+ Want Microsoft Word Gurus!

Hey All!

There’s a large portion of files on GraphicRiver which include Microsoft Word templates and we want to make sure we’re sending the right customers to these items.

In order to do this, we’re wanting to commission content to drive people to Envato Tuts+ straight to the right items on GraphicRiver.

If you’ve got items on GR which are in Word and you’re wanting to be paid to write content for us ($250 USD per standard length tutorial), please complete this form: https://envato.formstack.com/forms/create_a_tutorial and in the topic field select Design & Illustration. Add a link to your GR profile on there and we can work from there!


Hi @SharonMilne, I’m Paul. I have two menu templates, which are made in Microsoft Word. If necessary, authors Tuts+ can use this in preparing the tutorial. Please, check it:

Thanks for the offer. We’re looking for authors to write for us though and not files.

We do have a section of Deconstruction tutorials where authors promote their items by breaking down one or part of their items on GR. I’m always open to working with authors to create these :slight_smile:

Geez, I guess I’m not fit for this, I didn’t even realise Word was capable of doing things like that haha.

really !!! you can do alot of things through word

I am not 100% expert but i can help you with many things using MS Word

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It’s capable and literally thousands of people on a monthly basis are searching on using Word for templates etc… :open_mouth:

Please get in touch via the form above and let’s talk :smiley:

Hi, sharon what is this you want to talk about Emoji

Hey Sharon, I had a few questions regarding this topic so before filling out the form, I have sent you an email.