Envato + Shutterstock: Future positive possibilities for authors?

Hi friends and fellow authors,

Let’s create a positive and inspiring list of wishes and creative ideas for the future possibilities that could benefit all of us Envato authors.

I’ll kick off the list:

  1. I hope that my Envato items could easily be made available on all Shutterstock-owned platforms, reaching new customers and allowing me to earn more money.

  2. I hope that Envato Elements will now grow faster and attract many more subscribers, enabling me to earn more money.

  3. I hope that with Envato and Shutterstock working together, they’ll have more power and resources to devise solutions for us all to continue making money from our creativity in the future.

  4. I hope that more authors from the Market will be invited onto Elements, when the growth starts.

Please share your ideas and wishes…

Let’s maintain positivity, creativity, and inspiration in this thread.

Let’s motivate and inspire Envato+Shutterstock :princess:

Hi, as for the Market, I agree that it’s high time to invite more authors to Envato Elements.


If Shutter Stock promotes Elements to its existing subscriber base, the upside could be huge for all of us - even if Shutter Stock increase their take rate.

The more subscribers join Elements, the more money there is to go around, and thus the more Authors Elements can support.