Envato should raise the limit of uploads

Hey guys,

I think now envato should raise the limit of uploads on audiojungle. The upload limit is affecting my work speed. We all know that we can’t upload more than 5 music tracks in a review at the same time. So, If I work really hard and make more than 5 tracks then how can I upload more? Just think and If a new author signup on audiojungle he/she will have to wait so long to make a big portfolio on audiojungle right? Please raise the limit of uploads. It will help the old authors and specially the new authors who are joining the audiojungle.


That may be, but how would it address the reason why the limits were implemented in the first place?


I understand because of large amount submissions but envato can hire more reviewers to speed up the review process therefore we have the option of upload more work.

Sure, but if that was a viable and/or desirable solution to the issue… they would would have done that in the first place, rather than implementing the limit on the number of uploads. Although maybe a slight increase in the author fees could go towards paying for additional reviewers.

Don’t give them ideas!!

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