Additional tiers for upload limits?

I was prompted to make this suggestion based on a discussion currently going on in the Audiojungle Sales Monitor thread, but felt it warranted it’s own thread for discussion.

What if we had two new tiers for author upload limits?

  • A lower tier for new authors (levels 0-2), where they are only allowed to upload up to 3 tracks at once,
  • An ‘established author’ tier (levels 3-4) where they can upload 5 tracks at once,
  • A ‘professional author’ tier (levels 5-6) where they can upload 7 tracks at once,
  • And then the ‘elite tier’ at level 7 which already exists where they can upload 10 tracks at once.

At the moment the upload limits only recognise two groups; we have ‘the elites’ and ‘everyone else’, whereas it’s actually a lot more complex than that. In reality we have the people ‘having a go’, we have ‘the hobbyists’, the ‘music pro side-jobbists’, the ‘full-time pros’ and even the ‘production teams of full-time pros’. I think this new system would better accommodate these different groups.

I believe the restriction in the lower tier would require new authors to focus on the quality of their items rather than inundating the system with sub-par tracks. The good authors will quickly move up to level 3 and get the benefit of the 5 track limit. The less-good authors will have to focus on their quality in order to progress.

This would reduce the workload for reviewers who have to check and reject a great deal of submissions from new authors who haven’t yet reached the quality level required by Audiojungle, which would help reduce review times.

Additionally, the new ‘professional author’ tier would allow those who are prolific and work full time on Audiojungle and consistently upload quality tracks, but are stifled by the 5 track upload limit, to stretch their legs and approach ‘elite’ status that much more quickly.

I’m interested to see what people think about my proposals, and what flaws you find, so please discuss!


You have raised a very interesting proposition. There are times when an upload of new items is restricted to 5 can be a little frustrating although I can completely accept why this is in place.

In my opinion its very interesting offering.

I think because of that maybe will go down time verification of items, that will be very good :slight_smile:

I think this is a cool idea as well… as a level 2 I’d be fine with a 3 track max.

I believe it is a good idea BUT it makes it harder to actually start on here. Even if your track is the bomb, it may very well be that once it is uploaded you get only 10-30 page views… So if you are lucky you get from this a few sales, if any at all.

So you would actually need more tracks on the market to drive more traffic to your overall portfolio in order to actually get to the next tier.

Perhaps a better way would be to combine it to how active you are in a certain period instead of sales. For a random example:
.) Interact within 2 months 30 times in the envato forum
.) Upload 15 pieces of music
.) Have 5 Sales
.) Do this and that and some other things
= Level 1


Just some thoughts…

All the best,

This is a very good idea! I’m all for it.

New here… Didn’t know there would be such a small upload limit if any. Is it possible to buy an increased limit at all?

@MACKINLAY check this thread for upload/submission limit.

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