Envato Quality Standard where to find???

Hello as a author or to become as author in Envato, i have 15 rejected items about quality standards without any other notice from reviewer.

As i want (and maybe many more) can somebody share by points what is this standards which need code to cover. I researched all posted articles in envato help center (knowledge base) and not found any type of explaining about their standards.

Its good to be listed somewhere detailed and when reviewer reject a item to mointed a point from standard which is rejected.

That they provide option to ask in this forum a feedbacks from other authors is also not good becouse not all authors receive a feedback about their item.

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Hey buddy! Do not worry. Most likely you don’t have enough skill in mixing/mastering, or you are sending in anti-musical stuff that doesn’t meet commercial requirements.

Thank you for reply but i have 15 years experience with php development.

There’s no listed requirements for CodeCanyon beyond https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/sections/200617040-CodeCanyon-Requirements as there is unavoidably a degree of subjectivity involved e.g. how do you definitively determine “good typography”?

Generally speaking -

  • best practice coding

  • premium value in terms of features and functionality

  • clean and modern design

  • suitability to a stock marketplace i.e. I know there are (some very well coded) CRM, Crypto etc type files but in seriousness no one responsible is going to use a stock $50 solution to something that touches peoples data, finance etc. there’s a reason why purpose built software and apps are worth 6 or 7 figure amounts.

  • original concept and not another version of an already busy category

  • all documentation etc correctly done