Envato please contact me

I am very sorry for this post, but can someone from envato team help me?

hello please contact me

Try this form.

It’s highly unlikely messaging here will support this.

If you have not already then you need to open a ticket with support

Assuming that you have done this then unfortunately you may have to wait, however I am sure they will reply ASAP (bear in mind that they do not always work over weekends).

sorry for this, but i just sended ticket, i just dont anderstand whats happening, and i need to somebody explain me…

someone please

Unfortunately you will have to wait for envato support to reply - they are the only people who can help and they rarely monitor forums given the number of tickets that are submitted directly.

hi buddy why don’t u try to explain what is going on, maybe other people coudl help u too …

you couldnt help me, only envato support