Help With Ticket Contact Please

Hi Guy’s

I responded to ticket #2489225 the moment I got it, on Thursday 9 September at 19:58pm UK time.

You sent me another email on 11 September saying you had not heard from me & would close my ticket if I did not respond

Please check for me as I have replied

Not sure if my email replies are getting through to you, can you whitelist my email on your system please

I have tried multiple ways to reach out to you guys but I am not getting any response.

Would really like some assistance with this please

Many thanks

Hello @KWapshott

Try opening another support ticket here → Envato Market Help and Support and let the team know about your issue. They will be happy to assist.

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Hi @MrsEnabled

I have done as you have suggested.

Many thanks for your assistance.


Awesome :grin: Glad to have helped!