Customer support not getting my email relpies

I’ve been sent an email from Jay in Customer Support with regards to a refund and have sent two emails in reply with no response from them. Today, I have received another email that says “It’s been a few days and we haven’t heard back from you about your inquiry.”!

It looks like my replies are not getting through and this is an important issue for me so how do I contact the Customer Support team if they are not getting my emails?


As far I know it shouldn’t happen. You can try to reply again and see what happen. Please check have you replied the correct email (with checking the ticket id you have received in the first time), you have to replied that email (with ticket id).


I’m hitting the ‘reply’ button in my email client and sending it that way. Not making any change to the subject line.

I’m not getting any bounce backs. Email address is sending to

I’ve just tried sending a reply from another account on a different system (gmail) so I’ll see if that gets a response.

I think send email from another account will not work because in that case you will not be recognized. You have to reply the same email you received first time you submit the ticket form. If you think something wrong with receiving email then may be your webmail server issue. If you like you can open a new ticket. Thanks

@KingDog can you check this? Seems like an internal bug. Cheers mate!

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I checked and they are receiving your replies :smiley:



Thanks @KingDog but that make me even more confused! Why would I get a message telling me that they have not heard anything from me then? Can you confirm that they are receiving replies from matt@m*** for ticket #1474511? Thanks.

May have just been a glitch in the ticket system :smiley:


Hello @mattltm!
Indeed, this is an important problem (if it exists as you said), check your answers, check the addresses of your answers. If you created a ticket and sent it, then if you wrote something else in addition to this ticket, before they answered you, they do not see the addition to the message, they only see your first message (ticket).They see all your messages only after they have replied to you, and all your further messages. I also came across this. Keep this in mind! Also has a place to be a system crash (sometimes it happens too).

But since you received an answer, then I find it difficult to say something! I think it was just a glitch. They always answer all tickets, until the decision status of the ticket (SOLVED). After “solved” they close the ticket!

Good luck!

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Another day and no answer to the replies that I have send. I’m taking bets on getting an email that closes the ticket because I haven’t responded…

Got a reply from ‘Jay’ but with no reference to the content of my previous emails. I don’t want to but it looks like my only option is to initiate a chargeback as I am becoming increasingly frustrated that my emails seem to be undelivered.

Is there any way to get a live chat/phone call with support so I can get this resolved without initiating a payment dispute with my bank?

It appears that all email from my email account that is linked to my profile is being ignored/lost.

Email from other accounts seems to be getting through as I can generate a new ticket and get a response but any emails sent from my normal account as replies to this existing ticket seem to be gone. I’ll assume that they are being blocked or filtered out somewhere in the automated chain.

I would say it’s a bit of an issue if I can’t answer support emails!