Envato merchandise - survey #2

Have you ever wondered how to get hold of an Envato T-shirt, outside of the Elite program or the occasional Community Contest prize? Did you buy an Envato hoodie way back in the days of the Envato Supply online store, and need to finally update your wardrobe with some new threads?

Some members of our Design and UX team are looking at Envato merchandise during our current Hack Week event, running during the last week of March. You can help them out by filling in a quick (30 second) survey to learn about potential interest for their project.

New link: Survey #2


Put me down for an Elite hoodie, an elite t-shirt, a normal t-shirt, a normal hoodie, coffee mugs (plastic free), water bottles (metal), Elite mouse mat with gel wrist rest type thing, Elite bedsheets and pillow cases (king size) and a pair of Envato boxer shorts. Like the brief type ones, not the baggy retro type. Everything in premium, ecologically sound, soft cotton… none of that scratchy stuff.

Don’t make everything black as well, black is so old-skool. Whites, dark greys, Envato greens, a splash of colour here and there… they’re the future.

Just my dos centimos. Oh, and baseball caps, dressing gowns (silk), cigarette cases and rucksacks.


You know, I can definitely see you wandering around in an Envato dressing gown :wink:


I’m the Envato UX guy looking into this. Would you be up for a chat next week at all? Would love to have a 1 on 1 chat in regards.

Have a great weekend!


Great point! Black and white is always awesome but from Envato colors would be awesome! :smiley:

Maybe inverted colors? (i.e green t-shirt, black/white logo) :smiley:

I don’t wear T-shirts. I hang around a lot of small, very formal, corporate type offices and they would not let me in if I was dressed casual! I would buy envato cuff-links or ties or tie clips. Pyjamas too.

I would also buy envato novelty gifts for my sub-contractors. (I have some fiverr mugs and stickers on my desk right now!)

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Tie clips or cufflinks are a great idea - it’s been so long since I worked in a formal office that I’d forgotten all about them :slight_smile:

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I like cups.
I love cups of gifts more :slight_smile:

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Hi all, Matt here from the UX team. I’m a part of the team looking into the possibility of offering merchandise for purchase to all. We have just a few more questions we would like your answers to, if possible.

Only 3 questions, so should be quick to complete. Any questions, please hit me up.


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I like coffee cup gift family, friends, and every one send the gift…

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Beside the t-shirts, mugs and such which i would definitely buy… i would also buy an Envato desk clock… counting envato time :slight_smile:

Done! :slight_smile:

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Done. And I love some tiny things like cups, pens, notebooks, badges, sandals, ect. :wink:

Coasters and notebooks…