Thank you envato...


… for this nice T-Shirt.

I love it and I’m proud to wear it. :heart_eyes:


Congrats! Nice envato t-shirt :smile:


Wow looks awesome! Also I can see there is a pretty huge project in FL! :smile:


Haha, thanks my friends!

@AudioTrend: It’s not FL, it’s Cubase actually. Anyway it’s at least a huge project. :smiley:


I won a T-shirt too (same competition), but it didn’t arrive yet!
May I know when was it delivered to you?


Just yesterday. I think it should arrive soon. :wink:


Sweet! Awesome photo


Me too! Thanks so much Envato!! I LOVE my new shirt!! Just got mine today when I got home from work. :smile:


@UJ_pro @Luminary Great photos, thanks for sharing, and so glad the parcels arrived safely! :love_letter:


hi, cool :wink:


Superbe Evento ! j’adore ils gèrent :slight_smile:


Arrived a few days ago! Thank you so much Scott, Natman + Envato :smiley:


cool shirt, way to go Envato!