Envato Meetup Ukraine

Hello everyone,

the Envato Meetup in Ukaine - Kyiv will take place in few weeks. Please register as soon as possible so we could make sure about the place/date (reservation purposes)

Also, let the other Ukrainian authors about the meet-up. Spread the word!
No worries if you’re not from Ukraine ( as myself ) Feel free to join the meeting in Kyiv if you’d like to

Hope to see you there




@KingDog @matthewcoxy Is it possible to add the event to the community page
Authors are wondering if this is official, they’re interested in but not sure about it

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I’m not sure what the process is once a meetup has been registered with invite. Maybe Dom just has to approve it?

I have received an email states that the application has been confirmed so I could use the “secret” code to create the event but not sure about the after. Any idea who I should ask for it?