Envato Marketplace Items Portfolio: WordPress Plugin

Our Envato Marketplace Items Portfolio is back from the dead!

After more than one year of malfunctioning, we decided to give it another chance and revive it. The new update, 1.4, completely rewrites the backend and gets the plugin ready for version 2.0, which will bring themes (skins, styles) for displaying the portfolio items and a brand new settings panel.

This plugin is a must if you are selling items on any of Envato’s marketplaces and want to showcase them on your WordPress site.

Give it a go and let us know how it works! It’s free!

Nice job, but I think it’s not really fit for AJ authors. The plugin only shows the thumbnail and link to the item. Surely it will be good if the thumbnail can be used to play the music too, but off course that’s not an easy thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:
Amazing plugin guys! :wink:

Thank you.

I agree it’s not fit, but nevertheless, AJ authors can still use it to showcase their portfolio. I’ll dig deeper into the API and see if I can extract the audio preview track.