Envato Market Scheduled Maintenance Notice - Database Improvements - Tuesday Feb 2, 7:00AM AEDT (Melbourne time)

Hi all,

We are making some major improvements to our Envato Market database infrastructure and need to take the site (i.e., all Market sites) offline for around an hour to let us do them safely. We are planning on doing this on Tuesday, Feburary 2 2016 at 7:00am AEDT ( click here to see in your timezone ). We’ve selected this time to impact the least number of folks that we can, whilst ensuring our US based database support company has a full staff available in case anything doesn’t go as expected.

During the outage the Market sites will be placed in maintenance mode and the API will not be available.

Once the update is complete, we’ll update this thread to let folks know.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hello Envato Team!

Thank you for improving all the databases!
I wonder if you could take care of one the things we would like to be improved.

I am talking about the name of downloadable audio preview - after hours of searching customers frequently get lost in various previews they have downloaded. They try hard to find where can they find the item again but there is no search based on audio files in the system.

A special topic was created by @AudioTrend where he suggested the solution - I just leave a link to his thoughts, so that he would be heard - [SERIOUS] Problem with mp3 tags (our buyers suffer from it)

Hope, my message might be a small catalyst of making the market a little bit better
Thank you again!!

Best regards,

Dmitry aka fortepianoman


I have a question! Why on Tuesday??? It’s one of best week days, I mean the big buyers activity. Why? Why not to make adjustments on Saturday or Sunday? Why I ask this question, just because we all know that 1 hour is conventionality and in reality it will take much more time.

Best, Roman


You really think it’s still best day in a week?

Say hello to Uncle Sam after update :wink:

Hi miseld. I know that this place works by mysterious ways :slight_smile: but usually tue is one of the best days for me.

To be honest, today and yesterday were my best days in the week,

I was kidding about Uncle Sam don’t take serious :slight_smile:

Tuesday is one of the best days of the week but lets all hope this goes smoothly unlike it has in the past.

I suppose that Envato does not work on Sat and Sun, but and I think that these two days are more appropriate for these type of maintenance. Only hope this change to affect our sales in a positive way.

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only one hour for update so do not take care too much about that <3

Hi Porscha,

We actually selected the day for a combination of low traffic; traffic is lowest Sunday morning and grows through the week, and the availability of our database support company. We wanted them to have more than a skeleton weekend staff available in case something doesn’t go as expected. We also have to juggle the Australia, European and American timezones so unfortunately it’s never going to be awesome for everyone.

Kind Regards,


on Tuesday. mh. seriously? :joy: :joy:

Holy please contact the Envato Support this is Forum purpose thread. Envato support will help you better! Don’t spam over here!

Okey Envato, don’t forget to backup your database before upgrading :sunglasses:


Sites are down… :joy:

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UPDATE: The website appears to be functioning normally again. We continue to monitor the situation.

Thanks! :smiley:


Hi all,

Our maintenance is complete and the databases and Market sites are working correctly again. I want to apologise for the maintenance running over the expected window, we hit a couple of hiccups and I wanted to let you know what they were and what we’ve done to deal with them.

Firstly we don’t do this particularly often, so the processes we follow to shutdown all the accesses to the database were not as slick as they could have been. We have begun the process to improve these.

Secondly when we had finished our maintenance and initially restored access to the website, around 45 minutes into the maintenance window, we suffered a problem that in hindsight was predictable, the thundering herd problem. Lots of pent up requests all flooded through simultaneously, so the database was dealing with a lot more traffic (about 5x) than normal. Compounding this problem was the fact that the database caches were cold, so queries that normally took less than a second were taking 10-15seconds. Thankfully the new database version we are running has settings that help deal with this problem, so in the future it will be less of a problem. We will also modify our restart processes so that we let in a little bit of traffic at a time and slowly increase as caches warm up.

Finally, we were pretty optimistic about how long this would take. We will try and be less so next time and set a better expectation about how long things will take.

Sorry once again and thanks for your patience.

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