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Hi guys,

Please I’m asking here where I can find the same Envato forum’s I see it’s not a privete forums there is another Author’s can use it, Please if someone can tell me the kind of this forum’s I liked … :slight_smile:


totally I do not understand You.

Hi WordicaThemes

Thanks for your reply I’m looking for where I can buy or download the Envato forum’s source …? it’s PHPBB Or vBulletin or something else … :slight_smile: Thanks

You can’t buy envato forum. I do not check in which language it is written but themeforest is create in ruby on rails. And is for sure not build on any “template” product.

Yes, but there is someone who using the same forum’s http://forums.artbees.net/

this one is build on WP … so probably TF is also build on WP because their use plugin for spam created for WP … interesting :wink: that’s why they move for to other subdomain and it’s not implemented with users profiles.

Thanks for the interesting to explan it for me It’s really so probably, I felt surprised when I saw the same TF forums :smiley: But good ideal.! I can see Users profiles http://forums.artbees.net/users/daniil_belov/activity I think it’s the same 95% !

Envato uses the discourse forum system

source code:


a little shame … it’s like “best” seo company use some open source catalogue to put links …

but thank’s I will implement it on my dating site.