Envato Elements - Purchase Code for Template

Hi! I have a Envato Elements suscription and download this theme: Fiore - Flower Shop and Florist Elementor Pro por vamtam en Envato Elements

Theme neds Purchase Code but I havent got it.



Elements does not need purchase codes. You can just ignore any message to enter a code. If the item will not work without a code, please let our support team know and they will contact the author -

Elements Help Ticket


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I have a question about Elementor Pro. From the description of that theme:

  • Header + Footer - built with Elementor Pro
  • Mega Menus - built with Elementor Pro
  • Pop-ups - built with Elementor Pro
  • Forms - built with Elementor Pro

Maybe I am wrong or something has changed - as I know, we (Authors) can not sell items which are using some parts (header, custom layouts, footer, forms, etc…) which are made with some “premium plugin” which is not included with theme (we, Authors are not allowed to share the Pro Elementor version with our theme).

So, as I know, when the customer import the demo content he must get all layout like on our demo but with this theme that is not a case - the customer must also purchase the Pro version of Elementor.

So, are we allowed to sell the WordPress themes for which customer must pay more after purchasing our item to get a demo content? As I know - that is not allowed (it will be like I include the Slider Revolution on my demo but I don’t share a Slider Revolution with my theme and customer must buy a Slider Revolution copy himself to get the same demo content like on my demo).