Envato Community 2019 T-shirt contest - winners now announced!



Thank you)


Thanks mate :slightly_smiling_face: and good luck for your design :+1:


Hi guys
This is my Design :blush:
Also its my first time to join this contest in 4 years !! :laughing:
Please tell me what do you guys think about it…

Thank you


Wow it’s cool design :+1:
Great work mate!


I’m in :smiley:


Wow nice! The winner here :smiley:


Great design mate! Good luck for you :+1: :slight_smile:


Thank you guys :blush: @KipaLoops @NinjaTeam


This is my favorite design :slight_smile:

  1. @rautanstudio
  3. @BlackSunAeon_Music
  4. @Giallo
  5. @Escarabay

Who are your favorite designs in this T-shirt contest guys?


I want to wish all the participants good luck, this is the last day of contest entries.
And also for everyone who is supporting and commenting my works and other.
All the best.

@KipaLoops thank you, and i’m sure you will get the winning tshirt.
also this great guy @Jthemes haha


Thank you so much :laughing:
I never expected to be top 2


Hi Guys @BenLeong @KingDog @unlockdesign

why my design image that I posted cropped and does not display full view?
Is it because the size of my image too big? am I still allowed to edit the Size?



I think you can edit your item size or submit t-shirt single one by one or separately but remember this is last day for submission.
Australian time is already 25 Feb 2019.

And also topic will closed soon…

Who want to still submit t-shirt do it as soon as possible.



You can before thread closing


So I’m not allowed to edit my post anymore? :sob:


You can do it.If you want.I’m here need any help let me know.
Also you can see maximum user submit their t-shirt as a single photo


Ok… thank you

I will edit it ASAP


You’re welcome and good luck for your amazing work mate! :+1:


You’re welcome :smiley: :+1:


I just Updated it, It works :blush::grinning:
Now its full display

Thank you for your Help