Envato Affiliate Help..!

Hello wonderful people… How are you…?

Recently i am thinking a lot about all kinds of Affiliate stuff… Surely Envato name came first in my mind… Because of that some question bubbling in my mind… First let you know that i am from Bangladesh, and yes like others i also don’t like to read all those terms and condition stuff… blah blah blah… I just have a few question right now. It would be so kind if anyone know those answer and leave a comment here… Thanks.

  • Which platform is the best for promoting Affiliate Links…?
  • Do i need to create another account for Envato Affiliate…? ( I have Two Accounts on Graphicriver )
  • Do i need a different Email address for that if i need to create another account for Affiliate program… ?
  • Do i need to provide TAX information…? ( Please say No… i hate that… If answer is Yes then can you please tell me how to create account without filling TAX information…? )
  • What else do i need to provide…?
  • Can i promote/share anything from this marketplace without asking Author’s permission…?
  • How hard Affiliate Program is…? What i need to learn more…?

I will post more question if i face more problems about this… Thank in advance.