Envato Affiliate Competition. Where is results?

Hello to everyone!

Is anybody here who taking part in last Envato Affiliate Competition?

The Envato say: “Winners will be contacted via e-mail by September 9th, 2016 and announced on our forums and affiliate newsletter.” …But I can’t find any info about winners and this competition on the forum. It’s so strange…

Do you know any information about results? I don’t received any e-mails, and my letter to organizer was ignored.

It’s will be very cool if someone from Envato team will write here.


No worries they’ll be announced in the end.

From my experience they’re always 1-2 weeks late to announce winners.

Good luck!


i got the email, was received on the 9th, and you are a winner (league 3). PM me your email and I will forward to you

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Hello! Thanks for these news. It’s really so strange. Because I don’t receive any emails about the result of this competition.
P.S. I send my e-mail to you.

just forwarded to you, check you don’t have envato emails blocked as spam, and it’s not in the spam folder :slight_smile: