Embedding envato elements templates on html wix com

Can i upload the website design ( template ) that i buy/download from envato elements ?

You are not able to do that.
you have to create your won product for uploading other wise your item will not approved even your account can be suspended or disable.

What do you mean? I want to buy some graphic elements from ENVATO ELEMENTS and then upload those elements on WIX HTML. Is not possible? What do you mean i can have my account suspended or disables? For what reason?

Envato does elements for Wordpress wich you can buy and then implement on your website. So because of this thing … i was wondering if there is a posibility to add elements or themes from envato to WIX after you legally buy them. Whats the problem? I dont understand why that would not be possible? EXPLAIN PLEASE … im just asking honestly before i buy something from Envato. I want to make sure i can use it on WIX. Thank you!

You can purchase download and able to use that website on your server as your persona or business but you are not able to upload on themeforest i mean that only.
I hope now you understand. :slight_smile:

If you mean integrate something downloaded on elements within a Wix site then you could copy the html code over but it won’t be realistically like the item on envato

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I’m not very good at creating websites. What I want to do is download a theme from envato and edit it in the wix director like I do with the themes I have on wix. And then I want to purchase the premium plan for that particular theme for my wix site. Can I do that?

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Basically no - you can’t use Wix to edit any other sites beyond ones that are created using their platform as it generates/works with its own unique take on coding

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Now i understand. Thank you charlie4282.
As a suggestion … wouldnt be nice that WIX wich is a great company, create an EDITOR that could edit also other platforms work? This way, WIX could become a great marketplace for other companies to come and implement their elements on WIX platform so that people can download/buy and use it with WIX wich is such a great community platform!

I think i just gave them a billion dollars idea! <3
+4 0725 196 196 if you want to give me a cut from the money generated by this idea :blush:

I’m sure if they could then they would have done it.

The issue is that, with respect to those platforms that do serve a fantastic purpose to the right audience, the code generated by platforms like that is not great and hugely restricted compared to what can be achieved with proper quality coding.

There are sites out there that sell s
Wix templates.