web template

Hi am muftau i just subscribe to envato elements please i needed help on how i can use the web template on envato elements for my elementor project

These are the Elementor related items that can be downloaded from elements

Bear in mind you need to be subscribed when creating a project using these items. You cannot stockpile items for future use after your subscription ends

i picked this very one Searmek - SEO and Marketing WordPress Theme, but not working on my site

can i get help from the author ?

Not with elements files - these do not cme with support or updates in the same way that regular purchases from Themeforest do

What exactly is wrong with it?

i don’t even know when it last was updated

i just wasted 33 dollars now

please how can i get to the author of the plugin

to get help/support from the theme author you have to purchase the theme from the envato market mean direct from the theme author:

out of interest may I know what problem are you facing when trying to use the downloaded theme in your website?