Emails about Freebies that aren't free

HI I’ve been getting promotion emails each month announcing “freebies” for that month; yet when I click on them and go through the checkout process, they do not show as free. I went all the way to the end right before actually putting in credit card info and no bueno. Can someone shed some light on this? Am I missing something here? Because junk mail that claims to have free stuff that isn’t free puts a very bad taste in my mouth; better to not be offered anything at all. What’s up? Thanks

The free files of the month will not need to be added to the cart. There will be a big button that says Download it for free.

Also, it’s possible you may try to be downloading the month’s free files on the last day of the month. SInce Australia is a day ahead, if you wait till the last day, it’s possible that they’ve expired already since a new month would have started in Australia :smiley:

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the tips!! I’ll give it a try :-). Thank you for responding. Have a wonderful day.

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One other point: I find that the items will not download for free unless I am logged in beforehand. If you just click from the e-mail without logging in, that free download button may not show up.

I’m having this problem with the Day of Giving freebies. Today is Day 5 - offer says it will expire 12/17 at 11:00am ET. It’s still 12/16 here in California. I get email, click, get to Envato showing (in this case) 3 plugins. Message there says click on each one, sign in and download for free. Whether I’m signed in before clicking on the email or later, there is no “Download it for free” button. Anyone have any ideas?

Are you sure it says 11:00am ET… and not 11:00am AEDT?

You’re right, my bad. 19 hour difference, huh. BTW, I tried the next day’s gift and it worked fine.

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