Email confirmation link doesn't work

Email confirmation link doesn’t work, I tried it on around 2 diffrent emails. I get redirected to a 404 page. What do i have to do?


Which mail you are looking for Exactly ?
Can you tell us ?

you can getting touch with Envato customer success Help Line
they would like to assist you.


I am not looking for a mail, the link you guys sent me with the mail is wrong. If i open the link in the email confirmation mail i get redirected to a 404 page. I have to confirm my mail, before i can download anything.

Which market help you want Envato Market or Enavto Elements

You can chose which one you looking for both link are valid link there is no doubt.

Allright, listen up. I just bought a theme from themeforest, and i can’t download it because i have to confirm my mail, but the link in that email is not valid!

My personal opinion is open a Envato Help ticket from here:

Share details about your item purchasing they will help you to solved your issue.

At here no one can help you & took out from that issue.

Hope you understand.
you can ask if you have any other question.

Best regards

Exact same issue here. E-mail verification leads to 404 page. Cannot confirm e-mail address so cannot download the products I just paid for. Just great. Not a very good first impression, sorry.