Elite author! Thanks everybody.



After various years of membership, we finally become Elite!

I want to thank all buyers and person who like our work, as well as Envato staff for this honnor.

Let’s go to level 8 now :rocket:

Take care authors.

Themes Lab


Congrats !
Et bonne route vers le niveau 8 :rocket:

Keep up the good work !


Thank you :wink:


Congratulations, @themes-lab ! Don’t stop!


Well done…

Hard work always payoff my friend :slight_smile:


Wow! Great job! :slight_smile:


well done, congrats for the HUGE accomplishment :slight_smile: good luck for what is next :slight_smile:


Good stuff!!

Ping me through my profile page if you’d like an invite for the unofficial Elite Slack channel (currently we have 170 Envato Elite members)


Congrats. Well deserved!


Thanks for your messages!


Hey! Congratulations …
Keep up the good work :blush::grinning: