Elite level - I'm in :-)

Hey guys,

I made it onto the “Elite” level!!! :slight_smile: I should say, this is just the beginning of a new special journey. :wink:
Thank-you Envato and all the people hard working to make this place special for us.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank-you to some of the Envato Team I met at the Envato meet-up: https://twitter.com/SiteSplat/status/878820218684014592 (still waiting for the pictures and post blog @jamesgiroux arghhh :smile: and also the authors I had the privilege to meet. Truly special people full of energy and passion…

See ya’ll at the next milestone :slight_smile:



Congratulations! :tada: :slight_smile:


Congratulation :slight_smile:

Great achievement, congratulations, @ThemeSplat! Wish you more and more sales!

Congratulations! @ThemeSplat :tada: :slight_smile:

Congrulations Dave @ThemeSplat

Good job! :hugs:

Keep the dream alive :slight_smile: Congrats!