Elevate your music to perfection with this free plugin.


This new plugin is looking nice! From Wavesfactory aka @jesusginard. Read the description carefully, this will Elevate your music to perfection!


One of the best plugins! :slight_smile:


Simply stunning. My music has never sounded more authentic.


Time to upload new track with super hit-plugin! :smiley_cat:
Thanks for sharing :clap: :joy_cat:


Pure genius. :smile:


Does the paid version of this VST also comes with sales generator for AJ? :joy:


I believe your sales will multiply by 1.618!


On Twitter a guy claimed that processing plucky synths through this plugin (especially with saw wave on at least one of the oscillators) causes people to have spontaneous nearly instant sexual arousal.


The missing piece! Now of all of my tracks will be featured, all at once! :smiley: Thank you! :smiley:


I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it.


I tried it on myself having read your post and I have to report that I spontaneously…medic.


Combusted ? :smile:


Amazing plugin! :joy:


Is it joke? I have different track sounding across.


You need to keep it at 25% max, for a subtle effect, even if the temptation to leave it 100% is high. :smile_cat:
Nice plugin, I hope for an update next 1st April