Elementor validation errors - theme soft rejection

I had few soft rejections for my new WordPress themes because Elementor plugin I use for themes creates validation errors. I got confirmation from their support that it is most likely a bug in new versions. I created the new issue here: https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/17762
Do you have the same problem with Elementor?


Hi! I have the same problem as you with version 3.5.x, I have contacted Elementor support team but it doesn’t seem to be resolved. I think you should roll back to version 3.4.8 to past the validation error issue.

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I have found this solution
Go to “Elementor > Settings > Experiments”
Under “Ongoing Experiments” disable(set it to inactive) “Improved CSS Loading”

Elementor support seems like doesn’t really reply on requests.
I find out tabs element creates HTML validation error as well and open the issue about it but still no answer.