Edit text in Illustrator EPS

Hi, Newbie here. How do you edit text in Illustrator once you download the EPS?

Is the text vectorized ? If yes, you can’t edit it. If not, just double click on the text or use the text tool and click on the text.

Thanks! It seems like it is vectorized as I can’t edit. Are designers suppose to submit vectorized text? This seems counter intuitive to having a template :confused: Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome.
It’s probably vetorized because fonts can’t be inculded in a AI file, unlike indesign files for exemple.

Anyway, it’s hard to say if it’s vectorized or not when I don’t see it myself. It also could be a locked object, so it won’t move if you change something else in the file. What you can do is unlock every objects, and use the anchor selection tool (the white pointer next to the black pointer witch is the “general” selection tool (sorry if my english sucks…).

Then you can click with this white pointer on the text. If it’s vectoorized, you will see some little squares on the external shape of the letters. If it’s not vectorized, then you will just see a black line under the text and use text tool to edit the text.

Again, I’m very sorry for my bad english, I hope you’ll understand what I say. But is you don’t, tell me, I’ll make screenshots to explain better.

Thanks. It is vectorized :frowning: hmmm Is there a way to unvectorize it? I am wondering why they submitted this to envato if it can’t be edited.

No, there is no way to do that. But you can contact the author and ask him the font he used and then remove the vectorized text and make your own. With a little bit of luck, he used a free that font you can legaly use for your project. You also can just remove the text, make your own with any font you like, and then vectorize it.

Vectorizing the text makes it printable by anyone even by people who don’t have the font used in the project installed on their system.

What category was the item in? (that would determine the need for it to be editable).

Are you sure there is not an .ai version also? You can check the item page on graphicriver to see what formats should be included.

Otherwise I’d imagine that most authors would be able to help with this.

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Hi! It was in template section so I assumed text would be editable. I think they saved it as vector so I can’t edit it. The only other format is JPEG. I contacted the author but have found this happens with most AI templates I have tried :frowning:

What’s the link to the item? I don’t see a category called ‘templates’ https://graphicriver.net/

That’s a vector and will only be .jpg and Vector EPS

Thanks! How do I find infographics with editable text?

https://graphicriver.net/category/infographics?term=.ai should all be .ai versions BUT CHECK THE BOX ON THE RIGHT as above to see the file formats