Earnings Report Discussion (November 2021)

@kanvas_kosong Already updated.

Envato Author Dashboard still don’t worked (( endless loading

Still no update for Oct 24 or is it just me?

Do yall audio mates wanna know how much you’ll earn this month?
Take what you earned last month, minus -10/15% and voila

It has been working flawlessly since January 20202 :slight_smile:

No need to refresh the dashboard!
more time to ̶c̶r̶y̶ ̶ create in the shadows

Full updated, both in Earnings Report & Insight Report till 25

25 included? In my case there was an earnings update for 24, then date changed to 25 but with no earnings update, just the date


Yes, it seems the date is updated early morning (GMT) and the earnings late night (GMT).

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There are hours between date change and earnings update. In fact, the new insights report shows date until 21 only, not 25 like elements contributor, but both with same earnings value right now. All this is happening this month, nothing of this happened last month and previous months. I’m lost :grin:

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I think a few days are missing from the full report. As it stands from my point of view, either these days were with zero sales or the report is not fully up to date.

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It is for 24 days. Sign In | Envato Account choose before tax and select all 24 days for Elements. You will see that total earnings will match with Envato Elements


You are right. It is till 25 but it doesnt include 25 in the graph and only for 24 days :+1:

is it possible for Envato team members to clear us what’s happening? is this the final report?

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It’s updating now but most of the ppl have big losses this month like me. It’s not a kind of complaint about earning less, no there is something amiss.

But the biggest problem is, there is no announcement, response to posts, or e-mail.

There is really something wrong with the Elements team these days.


No wrongs with anything but it is a tough competition with new items each day in this period.

There are delays between dates and earnings updates that really make a confusion to follow the report. That’s the problem at least for me. I don’t know what is still updating or what is already updated, what earnings value corresponds to what date. As I said before, this is an issue that is happening this month, not previous months. So I hope this to be solved, and everything goes back to normal again, despite earnings ups and downs


Exactly this is the major issue right now. The date and earnings data supposed to sync with each other on any update / every update. Missed updates or delayed updates are tolerable if they fix this one issue.


It feels like a few days just dropped of from earnings report.

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