Download Videos via API

Hello everyone, I am trying to make a web for a customer, He had purchased the susbscription for purchasing, but he don’t want to open the envato everytime to download anything, is there a way that we can add any video url from envato.elements and we can download it directly without opening the envato website.

I’ve created the token for API and getting result but can’t see the main video url (only showing preview url)

The API you’re using is only for Market, which requires you to purchase individual licenses before you can download their files. While it is possible to download purchases through that API, they will be all zipped up with varying file structures.

Your customer subscribed to Elements, a different offering with a smaller subset of video assets. Only videos listed on will be included in that subscription. I’m not personally aware of any public Elements API.

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Like i’ve already purchase this video from envato element but when i try to use this, it is showing error.

“error”: 404,
“description”: “The purchase you have requested is not downloadable at this time.”

For Example:

Take this video, i want to add to my list in envato.elements account and download it.

Can you help me with that.

The API link you’ve shown here is for Envato Market. It does not have access to your Elements account nor your subscription. You would need to purchase the item from VideoHive to download it in this manner.

As far as I know, this is not possible. Envato Elements (the subscription service) does not have an API.

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