Download older version of Journal 3 theme


I want to download the same Journal 3 theme version I install on my Opencart store few months ago to compare diff files.
Concerned version is 3.0.46
How can I download older version of Journal theme 3 ?
I try to contact the theme author on support page but the 6 months support period expire and I can only download latest version of Journal theme which is not relevant in my case.
Someone here on themeforest staff can contact Journal 3 for this specific request ? Or someone know how to downoad older versions ?

Thank’s in advance.

It’s not something that can be done as the files are replaced as new copies come through

You could try using item comments but I would not expect the author to do it

Thank you for your response.
In fact I can’t use the item support beacause it said my item support expired.
It’s strange because before submitting a new item ticket it’s written that I can send a message to author without an active licence.
Do you know where I can contact the author or what am I doing wrong ?
Thank’s in advance

Use the public item comments on the main themeforest page - doesn’t require any support subscription

Thank’s a lot !