Downloading NewsPaper Theme - Version X

Please look into my account. I have purchased TWO Newspaper themes. One on 18th January 2017 (regular license) & the second on 16 June 20120 (regular license). Both are shown in my account available as as Downloads NewspaerX version with one year of remaining support. I am using both on my two different sites. When I download the one which I purchased 16th June 20, it downloads correctly as Version X 10.1.5 with option to download plugins. But when I download the other which I purchased on 18th January, 2017, it downloads as 8.5 version without option to download plugins, though both downloads show 1 year remaining support in my account.

Please check my account and advise me what I need to do to download the one which I purchased on 18th January, 2017 as Neaspaper version X 10.1.5. with option to download plugins.

Thanks & Regards……… Renu Bakshi

You can contact with with your purchase item author @tagDiv Or
Get in touch with envato market support team they would like to assist you.


Thank you for using our theme! This is very weird what you say and also, it’s not possible that thing. All the time, on the cloud is available the latest version of the theme. If you need more technical assistance, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> and we are ready to help you.

All the best!
Catalin L.