double license

good day

I wanted to extend the validity of a Careerfy - Job Board WordPress Theme license and I noticed that I have 2 identical licenses.

I only have one site where this license is used

I see that at the time of extending the validity it was done for 2 licenses and not for one as I need

what can be done in this case?

thank you

It’s not possible to have 2 identical license. Probably you’re checking the invoices.

Same purchase, not identical license :slight_smile:
Anyway, if you haven’t downloaded or used the item ( one of them ) you may ask for refund.


If you purchased the theme most recently and purchased the theme at the same order (mean from the same cart) then it can be consider as duplicate purchase and there is a solution just use the following link form to get refund for the duplicate purchase:

Just select ‘I’ve made a duplicate purchase’ in the ‘Tell us more’ field.