Doing AudioJungle as a full-time job?


I live in a very expensive part of the United States. Even at the 70% exclusive max, I would consistently need at least 201 standard licenses per month to pay my rent - and I would still have to buy food, pay a car loan, get gas, pay utilities, etc. This is just extra money for me with my main focus being elsewhere. Honestly, I think anyone trying to do nothing but AudioJungle full-time is putting their faith in an unstable market that you can’t rely on for consistent income and doesn’t provide you with any health benefits. You have to be very young, single and living in a country with a very low cost of living to think that doing AJ full-time is a good idea.


It is kinda funny like situation changed just in few years. Look at the topic “How much time for review” looks like in 2015, and how it is now :slight_smile:

Also, there were lots of comments about living from AJ. Everyone have similar dreams i guess :slight_smile:


Ok I scrolled up and took the journey to the top of the list, now that is some impressive dreaming!

Choose your own adventure? Count me in :sunglasses:


a ya thought chto from Belorus :slight_smile:


Ti krutoj chuvak. :slight_smile:


Kruchus kak mogu :slight_smile:


How’s that working out?





I often visit this thread, read your post and pat myself on the back while intensely dreaming of quitting my day job.


I’m 39 but due to my advanced cleansing routine, I could pass for 38 and a half. Maybe a bit less. So I guess I could be classed as ‘very young’. Not entirely sure if I’m single… you’ll have to ask her.

But still… the majority of people can’t make a living just through Envato. It is possible though, so it’s worth a try if anyone has the time to invest in it, but it usually requires one of two things. Outstanding work and/or just lots of work… but usually both.

It’s difficult though… if you’re not working full time at Envato then you won’t have enough money to work just through Envato, so it’s not really possible to do it full time as you need additional money coming in. It’s a bit of a chicken and the egg situation. I did about 80 hours a week from the middle of 2014 so that I could transition from freelancing to making stock full time. Thankfully it paid off.

Now I whip up a few new items every month or so, annoy people in the forums and spend far too much time in the pub and on my PS4… with money rolling in every month to support my inherent laziness. I remember as a small boy, saying that I wanted to be an astronomer, an astronaut or a quantum physicist… when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I should have said I want to spend too much time at the pub and playing on my PS4, as it’s a pretty sweet gig.

I will be stepping up the work game over the next year though, sales will always tail off slightly if you’re not contributing to your portfolio. Aiming to increase my earnings by 35% which is going to be very difficult.


Based on this:

I guess the answer to this

is yes? :wink:


you’re living the dream :clap:


You would have thought so, but she’s a gamer that likes a drink. I struck gold!


The main point is what kind of license the client will buy. Do you sell 40 tracks with standard license or other license? I’ve read that client can buy a standard license and use the track for a broadcast project, and you will never know it. Maybe i’m wrong (i’m on AJ starting from August), anyway, i’ll try too to write music for Aj full time.