Does this exist?

I’ll try to keep it short.
Firstly I know there are a few plugins out there that do something like this but not all of what I wanted.

I am looking for a plugin that will allow people to create a user/affiliate account on wordpress and then they are able to create a trackable URL by copying any link on the site and then adding their unique ID to it.
Once this is done, there should be a dashboard so they can monitor any customers/visitors that have clicked on their affiliate link so they know how many people have clicked on their link.
Most plugins then track sale conversions and offer a percentage on the sale so the affiliate can see their earnings based on sales.
What I want is earnings based on customers/visitors. A bit like CPM.

I just can’t seem to find anything like this anywhere?
Maybe I am just not looking hard enough. Although I have been looking for a few days now!

Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks