Does Identifyy have a form to clear copyright claims?

Do you know if Identifyy has such a form to clear claims? How that form work, what is the procedure? Is it an option to choose on the claim on youtube or the buyer would have to go on Identifyy website to find the form by exemple? I want to register my long tracks with them very soon and I’m writing a pdf help text for my customers about Content ID among other things to be in the zip file. If it’s quicker this way, I will certainly write this procedure in the pdf.

If you have time, may you tell me what you are thinking about the reply I got from that youtuber that tell me I should not registred my music with content ID (first comment (Anthony Sigouin) and first reply (Laptop Composer) under the video): Changes On #Music #Licensing Platforms Regarding The #YouTube #ContentID Program - YouTube

Something tell me you would had things to say about this. I read a lot of your posts about the subject.

Unfortunately, I have no first hand experience with Identifyy. I didn’t find any info on their site about such a form nor what would their claim lifting procedure be. But their support should have the answer, or maybe authors who are registered with them could tell you more (@WavebeatsMusic, @rawvibrations ?)

The pdf help is a great idea, by the way!

As for that Youtuber’s reply, well it doesn’t make much sense to me.

First, he doesn’t address the issue you raised. Saying “thieves are gonna thieve whatcha gonna do about it”, is a stupidly empty statement. The point here is that by not registering our music, we are exposing our buyers to more “headache and hassles”.

The part about copyright is just gibberish and irrelevant.

The part about buyers wanting to be able to use the music as much as they want without having to deal with anything may indeed be true… so? I myself would love to use the subway without those pesky controls and turnstiles.

Now I don’t deny that many Youtubers hate ContentID, but this hate either comes from ignorance about what it is and how it works, or because they are not used to actually licensing music or, if they do, respecting the license terms.

Coming from an author, this is just ill advised demagogy, that does not contribute anything positive to the issue.

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I don’t know about any form on Identifyy. I asked about the claim lifting some weeks ago and here’s what they answered:

“When they license the music from you, you can make a whitelist request for their channel. Or they can dispute, and provide a link to their license in the dispute.”

Of course whitelisting the buyer’s channel does not seem the best thing to do. So all the buyer has to do is to dispute the claim, providing a link with the licence or whatever YouTube asks. It will then be cleared within 24h-48h hours.

Every author has the right to protect their content, even if it’s “royalty free”, but I know some libraries that don’t accept music that’s protected by Content ID, because it raises too many problems for the buyers, as they say.

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Thank you very much for that long informative reply! I found this youtuber reply pretty incoherent too and have to read it 2-3 times before to start to understand where he go with this. He just didn’t reply to my argument and start with a (mille-feuille argumentatif (I didn’t find this in english)) to try to convaince me anyway to adopt his opinion. It’s pretty hard to do this when he don’t even give me his opinion about what I addressed him! It’s not how real argumentation work. Argumenting with someone who just listen to himself talking is a lost of time.

Your reply here is way more objective and coherent. I make research on the subjet for over two months. At the beginning, the choice: Content ID or not was extremely ambiguous to me. Now I’m trying, in my pdf for the customer, to make it has clear and concise that it can be. I’m thinking of maybe buy a license from someone registered with Identifyy just to test the procedure from the point of view of the buyer. Probably one of the better way to help a customer is to have experienced it yourself before. I have dozens of tracks that wait just for these last informations I need. My pdf has to be already perfect before to upload anything. I want a minimum of problems and stress! :wink:

Hi all, not sure if I am following this topic right, but I just would like to say that Identifyy does have a form in which our customers can fill out in order to clear their videos for monetisation.

This is the link:

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for the link! :smiley: Do you know how long, approximately, it takes for a claim release using this form? Is it faster than the YouTube’s built-in form? I read some not happy buyers that said the youtube built-in form can be too long to wait for a result.

Hi @AnthonySigouin, I honestly don’t know how long it takes as I just recently started to use identifyy. I will probably have more experiences in a few months. and sure I am happy to share them in this forum. But for now, my first impression with the identifyy team is positive. They have replied to all my emails quickly and were very helpful and friendly.

I have all my portfolio registered with them.

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But according to them it should take from just a few hours to one day. but again, this is what i heard!


YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world!

Don’t know why they didn’t send me that link when I asked…