Does anyone know what happened to ThemeTor??

Hi there,
I am using a theme created by ThemeTor but they have just disappeared.
The theme is no more available. The support doesn’t answer and they page is blank.
This is not really fair and I am feeling a bit lost and worried …
Why Envato allows such behavior?? A
What guarantees do we have?
Are we simply left to our own devices?? (their website looks like that now) (nothint to see in this page!!!)


While I totally agree with your frustration it’s in the T&Cs we agree to when we buy that because envato do not own the copyright to any item sold here then they are not able to guarantee the availability or lifespan

If your purchase was less than 6 months old then it might be worth speaking to support about a refund but there’s no guarantee.

I have the same problem. Unfortunately I used the theme for a customer. I don’t know what to do now. The wordpress updates don’t work anymore because an outdated php version is used. Doing everything new costs me a lot of time and money and I lose the customer’s trust. If I had known that … I would have chosen Avada or something like that. Any ideas what I can do now? …?