Does any one still have the YourStore theme can give to a past customer?

I accidentality deleted something from the code and I no longer have the original file to replace/fix the problem. Can anyone assist me with getting back this theme?


Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


I tried to find a way to contact the author before I posted this to no avail. I clicked a link that should have taken me to the author/product/support and it says item no longer available.

Can you tell me your Exact theme name?

Licensor’s Author Username:

Item Title:
YourStore - Shopify theme

Yes I saw! that author account is suspended. It can be any kind of violation like copyright or any other Envato rules he break in that reason may be his account is suspended. Bad Luck :frowning:

I think you will not received item support.

You have to get in touch with Shopify theme Expert .
If you want you can find someone from Envato Studio they can solved your issue.

Thank you for your help. Have a great week.

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