Do you think this app will get approved?

Hi All,

I’ve had my first attempt at getting an app accepted hard rejected after a few soft and decided to go away and build something different.

Just looking for advice and feedback about the potential to list this app on Code Canyon:

The app is an AI image generator with a few features including:

  • Text To Image Generator
  • Image to Animation Generator
  • Image to Image Generator
  • Image Upscaler

It’s coded in flutter and while I’ve built and released on Android, the code shouldn’t need too much tweaking to work on other devices. If I decided to try and sell I’d obviously make some nice documentation for it.

Does anyone see any potential issues with listing on this code canyon? Anyways I can increase my chances of acceptance?


I have doubts that you’d get the approval with this one as it lacks of design details, it’s way to basic but if the features are good, you will get “soft” rejection and will be offered to fix the issues.

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.