Do I need to buy the same audio again for every social media video I use it in?

Hi all,

we are planning to use two songs for the intro and background music of various different shorts/reels we are planning to publish on instagram, facebook and linkedin. Several ones are connected together by theme but are separate videos. Do we need to buy the same song over and over again for every single short video or can we purchase it once and reuse it in the different reels (or at least the ones that are connected by theme as this in my eyes falls under the category ‘‘series’’)

See explanation of ‘‘series’’ from the faq:
### What constitutes a series (eg TV series, webisodes, or a magazine with monthly editions)?

To be considered a series, all things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 episodes or editions within the series.

Also, does the series also apply to videos on social media as this is not mentioned anywhere.

I would appreciate your feedback greatly. Thanks a lot in advance!

As far as I know, Instagram/Facebook reels fall into “single-end” product rather than “series”. It has the same concept but it’s probably not “series” as it’s described in the details.

As it’s not series, you will have to purchase each copy on every end-product. If you use one video/sound on a project A to be uploaded to Facebook/Instagram/Youtube, you can use the same license for all as it’s the same end-product but if you change the details and create a new one, it’s a new end-product and you will need new license.

For more information, you can contact support.