Do I need custom development or is there a theme to fit?


I am working on a project that could suit WordPress perfectly as the CMS. However, it has a few requirements that are a bit out of the ordinary and I wonder if maybe I need custom development or perhaps there is a theme out there that could already be suited.

My requirements are;

From the image attachment above;

Each day the “homepage” changes to that day of the week’s page.

Each day of the week page has 3 main “sections”.


There are 2 content boxes. One for that specific day and one “most popular” box. These items are simply links to other websites. The most popular box is generated by most clicks to a link.


This is a very simple forum board. Each day displays a different boards topics.


This last widget is another one that simply displays links to other websites but these links can be upvoted and that is how they are sorted.

I am sort of familiar with wordpress as a CMS but not familiar enough with the customisation side of things to be able to determine if I need custom development for this or not.

I look forward to hearing your replies and hope someone out there is able to help me with this!

I think you won’t need modifications. You can use “recent post” widget to display the latest content

Please check out recent posts widget. Aside from the above mentioned request. If you need to add more modules / enhancements and changes then share details. I am providing top notch support and solutions for such type of requests. You may please patch up any time via email.

Thank You