Noob needs some advice...

Hello, I’m new in the WP game… I am in the process of getting a theme for my websites(s). Now, I have noticed that some themes, like Ukiyo, offer different (layout)options of, let’s say, the homepage. There are many options to choose from, as well for the ‘pages’ section, or shop. When installing the theme, will those choices I make be final, or is it easy to switch from, let’s say, a ‘homepage pinterest’ to a ‘homepage clean gallery’?

Hi, you should contact the author of a particular theme you are interested in. This is a global forum intended to discuss general stuff, not particular marketplace items. You can use the comments section on the item page:

Most times each layout that you see is set in stone unless you want to customise your own home page, about etc. Most times but there might be differences. You should also look out for ‘pre-built websites’ as they are like small parts of the theme that replicate an entire website. So, if a theme has 3 pre-built websites it has 3 different designs inside. There are some themes with over 100 pre-built websites. This means it might be find something that isn’t a theme but a pre-built websites that gives you exactly what you want. Just keep searching and ask the author of the theme when you want clarification about something.

Thanks for your reply, helpfull! :slight_smile:

Thanks, didnt know that themes had topics.