Display discrepancy between two sites using WeLaunch;s GDPR plugin v1.6.5

Just purchased two copies of WeLaunch GDPR WP plugin. Installations went fine as did setups. Both sites running WP 4.9.8 and both plugins are version 1.6.5. Basically, one of the sites (the .com one with the display problem) is my general product description site. The other is a complementary ,biz site where all the eCommerce is done for my product. I installed the GDPR plugin on the .biz site first and fully configured it without incidence. Then I basically copied my GDPR setup from the .biz site to the .com site. Everything went fine except one item. In the .com site’s Privacy Center, the first items is “Contact the DPO” which is supposed to be displayed with a “fa fa…” sourced icon the name “Contact DPO” and some additional data. The Icon is not there, yet all the other icons for all the other items is there. When I inspect the code on the .com site it does have a reference to the “fa fa-user-circle-o” icon (the same one used on the other site) but does not display. I tried clearing case, … but that did not resolve the problem. The code looks like:

[Code that does work .biz site]

[Code that doesn’t work .com site]

All of the other privacy center’s items display their icons. The only difference I can see between the two statements is the .biz site’s href’s URL has .biz/index.php/ in it before the /privacy-center/ …

So there are two questions: why does the working .biz site have the /index.php/ and the non-working site (.com) does not? why should it matter?