Didn't send a clarification letter.

Hi all. I’m trying to get started on Envato, and have done my first project in a few months. But I got a “hard rejected”, without explanation. How can I find out what’s wrong with my project? Can I change something in the project and try again? How to act in such a situation?

Hi! If you want to get feedback from other authors, you need to show your project. No one can tell what the reason for the rejection is without seeing your project

Ok, then tell me what’s wrong with this project?

Hello. You have a good template, but there are problems.
I didn’t like the very abrupt animation.
You don’t have enough time.
To demonstrate some points of calligraphy.

Maybe you sped up the video, which had a bad effect on the preview?
I would also like to add that you take a very long time to demonstrate color and other controllers. Take a look at how other authors on VideoHive do it

Also, since this is your first project, the revvers check it very carefully.
Keep learning, and you will succeed!

With the static design, I think you’re doing fine!