Did you receive an email about sending money from Envato Elements for February?

Have you received an email about sending money from Envato Elements?
Today is March 19th, and I only received a letter from Envato Market, but not from Envato Elements. Another delay?!

Today is tuesday 19th March, I am also still waiting

My payment hit PayPal from Elements on the 17th.

Today is the 20th March, still no email has been sent,normally I receive on the 16th,also for PayPal.

Have you checked your PayPal account? I have received payment some months even if I don’t receive the email. If not, you should contact Envato through their Help Center. The staff will see your request there much quicker than in this forum.

No i cant received.

the money was supposed to arrive on March 19, today is March 20, there is no money. Ukraine, pioneer, the letter was March 17

Thanks Marg,
I sent an email and received answer,
I was not aware there was a $50.threshold, that’s proof how much my sales have drastically dropped,this is the first time I have under $50 for the month.

I’m glad you got an answer, but I’m sorry that is the reason you didn’t get paid. :frowning:

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