Did envato elements have api ?

Whher i can find envato elements api ?

Hi @maxwelhelp,

Envato elements don’t have API but Envato elements has token to verify elements subscription.

go to your Envato elements account Settings page there you will find ‘License’ box where you will find ‘Enter License Code’ click on that button. It will open a popup where you will need to enter your token to verify your susbscription.

in the popup (Verify your Envato Elements Subscription) there is a link (bottom of the field) “Follow this link to generate a new envato elements token”. So, it is only elements side (for using only in envato elements subscribed account) token and it will not work at your customer side. This token can use to verify elements subscription and only can use in subscribed account in envato elements.


Can’t find this tabs

Envato elements has token to verify elements subscription mean it is for Elements customer not for the authors.