@devs -> Add WordPress 4.8.x to item tags on ThemeForest

Just see the title :slight_smile:


Used the form to request an addition on the day of release. As usual, too delayed and still not added 2 weeks later.

Envato really needs to automate this. Buyers assume the compatibility tables are updated and reliable. We have to end up replying queries on “Is 4.8 supported?” - note that not everyone asks.

UP! Just see the tommusrhodus’s message. :slightly_smiling_face:

@BenLeong would you mind helping us to forward this to the Dev team?

It’s already in their backlog - I’ll see if I can find out an ETA for this one.

@BenLeong can you please priority this, it’s a little embarrassing given how much money flows through TF each day via WordPress sales and adding a new version option is taking this long [I appreciate everything isn’t always as simple as it seems from this side!]


It looks like the updated Software Version attribute has now deployed to production - it was in review when I checked earlier. Update away! :slight_smile:

It’s there! Thank you :slight_smile:

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